Saturday, May 7, 2011


If I had known that you would have been called home to heaven when you were, I think that I would have listened to you more.  I think that I would have spent more time with you.  I think that I would have asked more questions about our family and our family history.  I feel like there is more to our family that I don't know or don't remember.  I just hope in the future if any family questions are asked I have the answers.

You know that I Love You and if I could do it again, I would have spent more time with you.  I would have given us more mother/daughter time.  I would have gotten you out more, just you and I.

Not Expecting This So Soon

Went by the cemetery today to see how things looked and I started crying my eyes out when I saw this.  I did not expect this to be in place yet.  I guess just seeing this makes things feel so real and final.  I hope that you are satisfied with it.  I will be glad when they plant grass.  Kinda hard looking at the dirt all around you.


Mom, I know how you Love your hummingbirds and I truly believe that you sent the first hummer to me yesterday.  It was so fitting, with this being Mother's Day Weekend.  I keep looking for them and know that I will always think of you.  I remember that year that you had on your red gown and we had a feeder out in the front and how the hummer tried coming up to you.  You gave me my love of these beautiful birds.

I am going to try and get the vine growing this year.  I hope to have some by the end of the summer. I may save the seeds from last year and plant them next year.