Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why Do I Still Care ?

You would think that after what all I have been thru since July that I would not still have feelings for my soon to be ex. 

Why do I still care?  Why do I still feel like I have feelings towards him?  Why do I still worry about him?  Am I still in Love with him?

 That is a question that I have no answer for. I do know that I still care for him and worry about him.  I guess that after talking to him this afternoon and hearing how tired he sounds that got me to thinking about him.  Is he taking care of himself?  Is he doing to much for others and not for himself?

I hope that he knows that I am here for him, if he needs somebody to talk to.  We have decided to part ways as friends.  We have decided that we can still call each other if we need something.

I am glad to know that if I need something that he is just a phone call away, and I feel that he would help me with any problem that I may have.