Monday, January 16, 2012

Is That You?

Mommy, I heard your voice the other day in a dream.  Oh how I wish that I could hear you more and feel you around me.  Did you send a message to somebody the other nite in a dream?  Not sure what his dream was about, but are you speaking to him?

Mommy, please help me thru these rough times that I am having now.  You know what is going on in my life.  I always put my Trust in God and I know that God will see me thru all of this. 

I need you mommy

Friday, January 13, 2012

Thinking Of You

Mom, I see more of you within myself every day.  I see you more in my face, in my hands and other ways.  I see your eating habits in me now also.  I am so thankful that I finally heard your voice the other day in a dream.  I only wish I could remember what you said, but I know that you are with me.

I see now what you meant when you said that you wished there was somebody to talk to.  Being home by myself with no human to talk to does get to you.  I go thru the depression stages to at times I want to just stay in bed and sleep.  I know now how you felt.

Mommy, you know that I am all alone now and I wish that I could find that special person to share my days and nights with.  If it is meant for me to share my life with somebody, I wish that you would give me a sign that there is somebody out there for me.

I Love You and I Miss You