Thursday, October 24, 2013

Do Not Judge Me, Unless You Judge Yourself

Matthew 7:1  “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. Matthew 7:1-2"
 So yesterday at work, I got asked by what I thought was a close friend, "I can tell you have gained weight", then a little while later, the same person asked me, "have you weighed lately"

Yes, I know I have gained some weight back.  No, I have not weighed myself.  I would like to see this same person try on my Size 12 jeans and my Size 8 shorts.  As I know they could not get them up and zipped.

I have known since June 14th, 2013 when I found out I have Grave's Disease and overactive Thyroid that the medication would slow down my Metabolism and that I would gain some of my weight back.  I accept that. I am currently under the very watchful eye of my Thyroid Dr. and we are working on getting my blood numbers back to a normal range.  There is a chance that I will require surgery in the near future to have my Thyroid removed and yes, I accept that.  My body and health comes first.

I belong to a group on Facebook about Grave's disease and there was a young lady who passed away at the age of 38 from complications related to Grave's disease.  That is why I am taking care of myself and My Dr. was very happy that I put some weight back on.  She said that I am now at the correct weight for my body type and that my BMI is perfect.

No, I am not happy with my weight, but I want to be healthy.  If that means I gain weight and as long as the Dr. is ok with the extra weight I have gained, then I accept that.  As I know that I am getting my body back to where it should be.

If people only knew what emotions you and your body go thru will batteling an illness/disease and if they only did their research on what is going on inside my body, just maybe, they would have some compassion.

Yes, I could have turned the tables on this person about her lifestyle and her "belly".  I held my words to myself.

I have learned from past experience that you never "really" have "true" friends in a workplace.
I am happy to just be able to get up each morning, get ready for work and work my hours.  I don't work to go and stand around most of the day talking and walking around like I don't have anything to do.  I don't get paid to stand around and chit-chat.  I get paid to "WORK".  Is that so hard to do? 
If I have a personal phone call that needs to be made during work.  That call can wait till I take a break or on my lunch hour.  I don't make calls from my work phone unless it is business or "IF" I have to call my Dr.

I don't abuse my time at work, that is not what they pay me for.

I prefer to leave my personal life "AT HOME" and not bring it into the work place.  I prefer NOT to bring my work day home with me.

If you want to talk about work, my hours are 8-5.  Not during MY break or during MY Lunch Hour.  Those are times that are given to us by our Employer to take a little time away from your desk to re-group.

Yes, I prefer to take my break and lunch ALONE!  I like to read and I cannot get any reading done if somebody is following me out the door.

I prefer to bring my lunch everyday. I don't care to leave the office and go out to lunch.  Why waste the money on eating out every day when there are more important things to do with my money, like "pay bills", buy groceries, buy gas.....and so on.

You complain about your co-workers, your hours, the work given to you.  You "talk" about finding another job outside the company.  Then I suggest that you start looking now for that "dream" job that you think is out there for you.

I prefer to stay with the company I am with, as I have 11 and a half years with this company and yes, I plan to look for a new position within the same company, when the time is right.

All things are done in "Gods" timing, not mine.  The right job will show up, when God sees that it is time. Until then, I will put on my happy face, go to work, put on my music with earbugs in and do what I get paid for. "WORK"

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