Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Day My Life Changed Forever ~06-14-13~

I have always been a believer in keeping your body healthy and in check.  Does not matter how embarrassing or disgusting the procedure is. 

One June 11, 2013 I had scheduled two Dr. Appts. back to back.  The first one was to my OB/GYN.  Now ladies you know how this is done.  Go behind the curtain, take all your cloths off, but leave your socks on.  Now I Love my Ob/GYN, he makes the check-up funny and talks to you thru all the things he does North and South of your body.
After I got dressed and went into his office he asked me if I had any questions.  Yes I did.  I asked him was I going thru menopause, because my hair on my head was falling out and some hair had stopped growing and I was always hot.  He asked if I still had a "aunt" every month and I said Yes.  He noticed the knot on the right side of my neck and said that my Thyroid was swollen.  I told him that I was going to my next Dr. after I left his office.  He said to have her to look at it.  Also then gave me directions to go have my "girls" squeezed like a pancake. :)
So, I go to my next Dr. appt. which was just suppose to be my regular 6 month check-up on my High Blood Pressure.  I got weighed and had lost 80 pounds, I was so happy that I was getting healthy.  Once the Dr. came in the room, I told her what my OB/GYN said about my Thyroid.  She felt of it and said that it was swollen. I also get a chest x-ray once a year, so here we go again.  You can leave your shorts and Tshirt on, but take off your bra.  Walk down the hall with my "girls" just a swinging.  Have to sit in the hall, with my arms crossed over my chest while I wait to get my X-Ray.
After I get back in the room and put my "girls" back in their home, my Dr. walks in and tells me that she wants me to have a Ultrasound on my Thyroid.  No big deal to me (I thought).  Go to schedule the ultrasound and the lady ask me what type of Mass X-ray I was having along with the Thyroid.  I look at her like she is crazy.  Nothing was said by my Dr. about a mass in my stomach. Schedule both appts. for June 20th.  I then walk to the lab for my regular blood work. 4 large tubes of blood taken from me *OUCH*
All is well until Thursday evening when I get home from work.  I saw that my Dr. office had tried to call me 2 times that evening. Stupid me forgot to turn the answering machine on.
So on Friday I go to work and on my first break I call the Dr back to see what she wanted.  She said that I had to leave work right then and go see a Specialist about my Thyroid.  She said that the numbers in my blood work for my Thyroid were of the chart.  Now this was getting me worried because I knew that I was going to have a Ultrasound next week.
Leave work, go to see the specialist and I tell her problems that I have been having for quite some time.  She does some test on me and sits down and tells me that my Thyroid is one step down from being very severe and that I also have Grave's Disease.  Now I am getting scared and she gives me medication for my Thyroid and to double up on my BP medication.  She then tells me to go to the lab to have blood taken.  Here I go again with giving 4 tubes of blood.  While waiting to give the blood, I was sitting in the waiting room holding back the tears because I did not know what Grave's Disease was.
I drive back to work and go to my managers office to tell her what is going on and that I was back from the Dr.  She pulled me behind closed doors and started handing me tissues, because she could tell that I had been crying.  After I told her everything, she sent me home for the day. I Love my Manager.
Backing up a little.  While I was at the Specialist Dr. on Friday, she told me that if the pills I am taking don't get my Thyroid back to normal that I am not a canadate for the Radioactive Dye to kill off my Thyroid, because the Grave's Disease has already started effectiny my eyes.  So this means that IF the pills don't work, I will have to have surgery to have my Thyroid removed.
Just Great!  Here it is that I don't have any family close by that I would impose on them to ask them to take me for surgery.  They have their own lives and jobs and children.  My manager at work said that IF it comes down to me having surgery that she would take me and bring me back home.  I asked her if I could stay with her childrens Nanny :)
I have done research on Grave's Disease and I can get it in remission within a year, I Pray.
Now with taking this medication, I might gain back some of my weight but I will work like crazy to keep all 82 pounds off.
Now, I have to worry about what type of mass is in my tummy. I hope it was just my lunch of fried rice I had that day before the X-ray :)  (LOL).
There is nobody to blame this illness on me.  I don't blame my Heavenly Father, I don't blame my genetic make-up for this.  This is just something that chose my body to invade.
I will fight like crazy to get my Thyroid back under control and I will deal with the effects on my body with the Grave's Disease.  I am a Child of God and I know He is Standing beside me and walking with me every step of the way.
Why do bad things happen to good people?  There is no answer to that, but I know that I am strong on the outside and may be crying on the inside, but I will get my health back in control with the Support of my friends, my medication and with my Heavenly Father.
I will Beat this out of me!!
I will Beat this out of me!!

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